Multiple voice behavior (why new voice is interrupting an old one)

Hello everyone!
Just started to learn Fmod to design sounds for shooter game and allready stuck with lots of questions.
Can anyone plaese tell me where did I missed something, when I try to trigger pistol shooting event - in one case (when it is first person 2d sound) - it plays smooth, and each new instance do not interrupts the previous one, which obviously sounds like it should be, but in second case - when sound is 3d - each new instance interrupts previous one, even if voice behavoir is the same (5 max instances and stealing the oldest).
Can it be resonance audio plugin on the 3d event?


It’s unlikely that resonance audio plugins would cause this issue. The usual culprit would be instance limits on the event, which as you’ve already noted doesn’t seem to be in this case. Instance limits on a bus that your event is routed into (and/or any other events also routed into that bus) could also cause the issue, so I would recommend checking that as well.

A couple of questions:

  • Are you observing this solely in FMOD Studio (i.e. in the sandbox), or in engine (i.e. UE, Unity, etc.)? If you’re only observing it engine, how are you creating and playing your event instances?
  • What versions of FMOD Studio and FMOD plugins are you using? If you’re using an engine, what version of the engine are you using?
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Thanks for the reply!
My versions:
FMOD 2.02.22
Unity 2022.3.34f1

At the moment Mixer settings for weapon voices are set to unlimited, and I’m observing this voice behaivior only in FMOD.
In FMOD events are made as simple as posible. For first person sound I’ve made a timeline sheet without any parameters and effects (only voice limitations to 5 max instances), for the third person events - it’s also timeline sheet event with resonance plugin and distance parameters on event mixer fader (also 5 max instances).
At least I can test the sound in editor. but still it makes testing sound in FMOD in this case very uncomfortable.

I unfortunately haven’t been able to reproduce the behavior you’re describing in the Sandbox in 2.02.22.

Could I get you to upload your FMOD Studio project (or a stripped down version where the issue still occurs) to your FMOD user profile, and provide a short series of steps that reproduces the issue in that project, so I can take a closer look and hopefully diagnose it?