My mixer snapshots take longer to switch than is set in the ADSR

Hi all - this problem is driving me insane. I have some voice files for a PA system in a level, and I’ve set up different busses to process the voice differently depending on whether the player is outside, indoors or in a small corridor. I’m using snapshot events within my ambience events so they trigger at the same time as the ambience switches for these environments. They use the same ADSR within the ambience events. The issue I’m having is 2 of the 3 mixer snapshots aren’t switching as quickly as they should. The ADSR attack on each is set to 500ms and the snapshots aren’t triggering until 1.6secs (give or take 100ms for my reaction on the stopwatch). The delay is very noticeable and on top of that the snapshot snaps in instead of fades in. The ADSR is a straight copy/paste between events so they’re identical. I’m very confused as to why one snapshot is fine and the other two aren’t.

Do you mean snapshot instruments? Or snapshots inside nested events? I also had some sync problems with nested snapshots, but I didn’t investigate that much at that time. Can you share some screenshots of your setup?

What’s the AHDSR release period on the one snapshot that’s working correctly, and is it located above the two snapshots that are working incorrectly in the snapshots browser?

To use an image editing metaphor, overriding snapshots work like masks on the mix: The baseline mix without snapshots is the “bottom layer,” and each playing snapshot “covers up” specific property values of the layer below it with the property values specified in the snapshot. Snapshot intensity defines the snapshot’s “opacity;” 100% intensity means that the snapshot completely replaces the values of the layer beneath it, while a lower intensity means that the effective property value imposed by the snapshot is a blend of the value of the snapshot and the value in the layer it covers. This means that if multiple snapshots are active and apply to the same properties, the snapshot that’s nearest to the top of the snapshots browser replaces the property value of the active snapshot below it, rather than the property values of the baseline mix.

This means that if you are starting a snapshot lower in the snapshots browser while stopping a snapshot that’s higher in the browser, and both of those snapshots affect the same properties and have long AHDSR release periods, the lower snapshot’s effect will appear to take longer to come into effect. In reality, it’s reaching full effect at its usual speed, but you won’t be able to “see” its property values until the higher snapshot becomes is “transparent” enough for the lower snapshot’s property values to be “visible” though it.

You can change the relative priority of snapshots in the snapshots browser by dragging them up or down, and you can give multiple snapshots the same priority by making them part of a snapshot group. (When multiple snapshots have the same priority, the property values they override the mix with are weighted based on the snapshot instances’ relative intensities.)

Does any of that help explain the behavior you’re seeing? If so, could you describe in more detail what behavior you want to achieve?

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