Some Snapshots don't work

I’m working on a project with unreal engine 5 and FMOD. I have a lot of Snapshots in there, because I have to build different kinds of soundscapes in different areas. For thise case I have a lot of inner spaces in different areas where I use snapshots for the room acoustic, but while some snapshots are still working and doing their room acoustic, other snapshots seem to be lost. I have tested my project with the profiler and I saw that these snapshots are not even recognized. The Reverbs are build in the audio volume but the profiler doesn’t show the snapshot while the snapshot from the outdoor area is still shown.
Is this kind of problem known to somebody ?

Is it always the same snapshots that aren’t being triggered or is it random?

It is always the same. I have 15 or 20 audio volumes, more of the half of them are still working but the rest of them do nothing. The weird thing about it is that the not-working snapshots are that snapshots I placed earlier, while the later-placed are still working.

If you are finding that snapshots placed earlier are not playing then it’s possible their voices have been stolen. Do any of these event instances have a Max Instances count or Stealing values set in the Snapshot Macros? e.g

That’s right but it makes no difference. I had this problem before I limited the max instances to solve it, but with or without max instances it is the same.

Even if I build the audio volume, the snapshot or the reverb effect new, everytime the snapshot is deactivated. I dont know where the problem is, in Unreal Engine 5 or in FMOD.