Can you place a snapshot within a snapshot using UE4 audio volumes?

To quickly explain what I’m trying to do - my level has 3, very large, vertically stacked audio volumes that each trigger a mixer snapshot which increase the volume of a specific background ambience, while lowering the other ambiences. There are tunnels in the level which I’m trying to implement custom mixer snapshots for, but so far they aren’t responding when the player enters them. Is this because the tunnels and their corresponding audio volumes exist within one of the 3 larger audio volume which is already active?

Is there an easy way to work around this? Or is there some advanced programming I need to do, perhaps by using a trigger box which forces the active snapshot to stop?

In FMOD Studio, are the snapshots for your tunnels below or above the snapshot for the larger audio volume in the snapshots browser? If they’re below it, try either dragging them above it, or right-clicking on the large audio volume’s snapshot and selecting “Set Behavior > Blend.”

Overriding snapshots function like masks applied to the properties of your mix: Each property scoped into a snapshot uses the snapshot’s value in place of the value in the base mix (or, if there are multiple active snapshots in the project that affect the same property, the topmost snapshot’s property value is used in place of all the property values of snapshots below it in the browser).

Blending snapshots’ volume properties are treated differently, however: they’re treated as adjustments to the volume in the mix (or by the topmost overriding snapshot below them in the browser that changes that volume property, if there is one.)

As a result, dragging a snapshot above another snapshot in the snapshots browser ensures that the topmost snapshot will take precedence in the event that multiple snapshots are active at once, and setting the topmost snapshot to blending will ensure that its volume adjustments are added to those of the snapshots below it rather than replacing them entirely.

Thanks Joseph, I actually started pursuing a different approach for the tunnel ambiences in the level I’m working on. If you feel up to answering a new question I have - feel free to look at my most recent post, haha. I would have removed this post if possible.