Name of input signals (channels) for Asio device

Somewhat of a trivial question but, on the manual of the device I’m testing on (Zoom L8) it is written:

The USB input signals will be shown in order on the computer as MASTER L, MASTER R, CH1, CH2… CH7L, CH7R, CH8L and CH8R.

Is there a way to get these names from the FMOD engine?

Unfortunately, we do not have access to enough information about how the Zoom L8 provides the names of its USB input signals to answer to this question. We recommend contacting Zoom Corporation and asking them if they provide some means for a third-party application or API to identify its USB input signals by name.

Thanks for the info!
Does it mean that for other Asio devices it is possible to get that info through Fmod?
Or that for any device, in general, this to be done outside of Fmod?
(I’m assuming the latter.)

FMOD only has access to the information about an Asia device that the Asio device makes available to software that it interacts with. If it does not provide a piece of information, there is no way for FMOD to divine that piece of information.