net_stream_ios can't play net stream audio (iOS)

Hello, when I use fmod net_stream library run in iOS, I want to play a net stream audio music, it throw a error, and can’t continue to play in this code:

    result = sound->getOpenState(&openstate, &percent, &starving, 0);

it sounds like can’t get sound’s state, my iOS version is iOS11, hope some one can help me to solve this problem, it is appreciate!

What is the error you are getting?

when i run your net_stream demo it can’t play music in internets,but in android it can play.

It sounds like the Offline Render Audio Queue is not compatible with that net stream.

Try setting the exinfo.suggestedsoundtype, used to create the sound, to FMOD_SOUND_TYPE_MPEG. This will force it to use the mpeg codec first.


it works!, Thank you very much, you save my life!