Net Stream doesnt work on UnrealEngine

(Vincent Studer) #1


I followed your example for the net stream.

result = system->createSound("", FMOD_CREATESTREAM | FMOD_NONBLOCKING, 0, &sound);    

Is ok, but:

result = sound->getOpenState(&openstate, &percent, &starving, 0);

Say : “Error: FMOD sound error! (18) File not found.”

Do you have any idea?

Thank you in advance!

(Cameron Baron) #2

What version of UE4 and the FMOD Integration are you using?

(Vincent Studer) #3

Sorry, I missed that.
UE4: 4.14, FMOD: 1.08.15

(Vincent Studer) #4

Hi and happy new year,

Do you have some news for me?

(Cameron Baron) #5

To use net stream in Unreal, you will need to tell the sound to bypass the file IO system.

 info.cbsize = sizeof(info);
 info.ignoresetfilesystem = true;
 lowlevelsystem->createSound(url, FMOD_CREATESTREAM, &info, &sound);

(Vincent Studer) #6

Thank you very much!