NetStream Loop?

Due to special reasons, our project requires netstream audio can play on loop . Can you add an attribute to the “Sound” object to indicate whether Cache needs to be stored or not, and if Cache is stored, the loop can be played after the end?

This attribute is very important to our project. Simulating loop playback through multiple Sound objects is not friendly to network traffic.

you can loop a http netstream by simply adding FMOD_LOOP_NORMAL to the createStream flags. (and the server has to support http seeking)

However, I found that many CDN do not support HTTP seeking, and depending on the server’s attributes may not be a good choice. Can you cache data on the client side again, so that the data cache can be played circularly after completion?

Is Http Seeking meas http “chunk” transmission ?

the feature we rely on to seek is
“Accept-Ranges: bytes” used with “Range: bytes=start-len”, but looping back to the start is pretty much just closing and restarting the netstream (which is what fmod does internally), but we go further and allow seeking inside the stream.

I have tried, the current CND does not seem to support

if you have a public url i could try it and see what headers come through


like this link music, I play loop fail.

This stream is missing the “Accept-Ranges: bytes” http header, so seeking will not work.