No Sound after start AVAudioRecorder with Airpods

My game is running on the iOS platform, and there is a complicated module for audio record that is realized through the AudioUnit in iOS.
To troubleshoot easily, I use a simpler iOS method AVAudioRecorder to achieve achieved, the result is the same.

The following are my conclusions:
After the game starts, start the recorder.

  1. Everything is fine when the earphones are not used, or using wire-controlled earpods.
  2. When using Airpods or other bluetooth headsets, the audio in game is interrupted.
  3. Then stop the recorder, the audio in game resumes.

I am sure that the recording module is correct. So is there any related configuration in fmod?

Thank you for any help.

I’m afraid we need more information about what’s happening. Are you able to send us a profiler session that demonstrates the issue?