OculusSpatilizer 1.1.1+Fmod 1.08.14+Unity +Android Not working

Hello i’m trying to use Oculus Spatializer as plug-in in FMOD v.1.08.14 in Unity 3D, for build in android game. i installed the FmodUnity integration package, and the OculusFmodUnityPackag and, i made all the steps that documentation said, and it work fine in the editor but when i’m trying to build in android audio doesn´t work at all. I’m not getting errors in unity,
Can anyone explain step by step how to build in android with the plug-in OculusSpatializer in Unity 3d, is there a custom step for doing that. help please!!

Just to make sure, have you followed both our guide and Oculus’

I follow this steps:
IN UNITY 5.4.1f personal Edition(64)…
i set up the last android sdk
i set up the last JDK jdk1.8.0_111
i set up the custom package FmodUnity10814_v2
i set up the OculusSpatializerFMODUnity.unitypackage.
(This last version 1.1.1 don´t include the OSP global settings)
In the fmod edit settings i work in the option single platform build and i select the mobile master bank (i’m using just an event to test the build)
I add the plug-in and write OculusSpatializerFMOD as Oculus Documentation
Iset up the Fmod studio Listener in the Camera.
I inlcude the event emmiter, and i setup to Object start
I’m not using code yet, i made this scene to test the integration built for Audio.

IN FMOD v1.08.14
i copy the .dll of Oculus spatializer plug-in file into the folders of plug-in C:\Program Files\FMOD SoundSystem\FMOD Studio 1.08.14\plugins
i put the plug-in in the master of an event with a with noise to test the build, as input is in mono and the output is stereo.
i make sure i´m working in mobile platform and change the setup for it in fmod, and made up a master mobile bank in stereo.

Device Samsung Gt_s7580
Android 4.2.2 JellyBean
i set up my device with the developer Options as the documentation said

For build i run the build and run, at first appear me these error in the console of unity.
Found plugins with same names and architectures, Assets/Plugins/x86/fmod.dll () and Assets/Plugins/x86_64/fmod.dll (). Assign different architectures or delete the duplicate.

first i delete the duplicate files, of the x86 folder. without using the oculus integration. and it makes sound in my phone.

when i install the oculus integration and i install al the plug-in it works fine in the editor, but when i’m trying to build again. i found this error:

Found plugins with same names and architectures, Assets/Plugins/x86/OculusSpatializerFMOD.dll () and Assets/Plugins/x86_64/OculusSpatializerFMOD.dll (). Assign different architectures or delete the duplicate.

i delete the duplicate file, of the x86 folder and i try to build and run, but i don´t get any audio in the phone.

the question is i´m missing any step, i’m doing anything worng, i follow all the steps do i have to setup another SDK for mobile?, it might be teh architectur of muy cellphone?

thank you for your reply.

I noticed in your steps in FMOD Studio, you don’t mention: In the mixer, add the Oculus Spatial Reverb to the Master Bus on the left of the fader.
Did you miss that step at all?