Organisation and best practices for car games - Beginner needs help

Hi. I’m mainly a composer, but i’ve started to really enjoy game audio aswell, and i’m currently working on my first game with a few friends.

We’re making a car combat game with a camera that’s quite zoomed out and i’ve been thinking alot about how i should organise my project. While i was setting up the basic ambience i thought i should add stronger wind sound that is linked to a ‘Speed’ parameter, but i realized that i would want more things that’s affected by the players speed, like sand hitting the car but i thaught that those sounds wouldn’t fit into my ‘Ambience’ event. Is it possible to link sounds to parameters that’s part of a different event, or should i make an event that contains all the sounds that is affected by speed. I hope you understand my issue.

As i said, i’ve just started and this was probably a stupid question, but i’ve had a hard time finding tutorials for standard practices and how to set up bigger projects with these things in mind. Any tips for tutorials would be really appreciated!

Thanks for reading! Have a good day.

Events can be affected by any parameter, even those used in other events. If you want the parameter to always have the same value for each affected event, it is better to set your parameter as “global”.

Thank you! That’swhat i hoped for. Much appreciated :slight_smile: