Output two different audio to two audio devices from same Unity3d game

I plan to develop two player game. In this game, there are two different audio. These audio should be played separately using two different audio devices simulatneously. The computer may be connected with two audio devices - one headset and another headset using USB sound card. Is it possible to play to two different audio output at same time from same game application. Please help

You will need multiple FMOD System instances for this.

You’ll need to modify RuntimeManager.cs to startup and manage two systems each connected to different drivers (see the docs for setDriver function). Because FMOD systems are isolated from each other you’ll have to load data twice, and keep the synchronised manually if you want the same event playing in both.

Did you manage to solve this, Sund?

If that’s the case, would you care to explain how you did?

I’m working on a similar project and would love to have the same feature working.

Hi cameron-fmod maybe you can help me. My plan is when pressing a button it should play a sound trough my Oculus Quest and at the exact same time a different sound trough my PC Audio Output. Is it possible with your method to assign two different audio files to two different audio output devices? My closest finding is this on Reddit and your answer above but there is not enough explanaition for a newbe like me. I’m a beginner in unity and just got to know FMOD and I feel a bit lost. Would be lovely if you could provide a little more guidance on how to approach this idea or some hints :slight_smile: Thanks a lot!

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