Output two different audio files to two different sources in one GameObject

Hi there,

Do you know if there is a possibility how to assign two different audio files to two different audio output devices? My plan is when pressing a button Unity should play a sound trough my Oculus Quest and at the exact same time a different sound trough my PC Audio Output. My closest finding is this on Reddit but there is not enough explanaition for a newbe like me. I’m a beginner in unity and just got to know FMOD.

This post explains quite rough that its possible in general. But would be lovely if sbd. could provide a little more guidance on how to approach this idea or some hints for a newbe like me. Sending some love <3

It is not possible to assign two different output devices to the one FMOD System, you would have to run two separate systems and choose which system to use depending on where you want the audio to go.