Multiple FMOD Listeners in Unity

Hi guys,

i’m currently working on a two player game, that requires two different streams of audio for each player. I’m working with FMOD studio for all the implementation, and i’m wondering how I’d go about routing two different audio steams to two different FMOD listeners?

for a little context, one player views the game from a VR headset, and doesn’t interact with the gameplay. The other player plays the game on a normal PC, and does interact with the game in the typical sense. There will be crossovers in the audio, but both will be hearing different things.



Did you manage to solve this, Barney Oram?

If that’s the case, would you care to explain how you did?

I’m working on a similar project and would love to have the same feature working.

Two different sound devices is not multi-listener. You need multiple FMOD System instances for this.

You’ll need to modify RuntimeManager.cs to startup and manage two systems each connected to different drivers (see the docs for setDriver function). Because FMOD systems are isolated from each other you’ll have to load data twice, and keep the synchronised manually if you want the same event playing in both.