Parameter Sheet Sorting

Hi, whenever I want to sort my parameters into folders, I have to be really careful to not create a folder in unwanted places as there is no delete folder option for the parameter sheet. Also when I drag a parameter to a folder, it closes the window and selects it as the parameter to use in my event. Is there an independent parameter window I’m missing or is this something that just needs to be made better in future releases?

The presets window is the right place. Did you check there?

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I’m afraid I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking for. When you say you want to sort parameters, do you mean parameter sheets? Parameters? Or preset parameters?

Every parameter that you see in an event is based on a preset parameter - and as Alcibiade has said, you can organise your project’s preset parameters in the parameters tab of the preset browser window. Among other things, this window allows you to create and delete preset parameter folders.

Parameter sheets only exist inside events, and cannot be sorted into folders. The only way to organize them is to drag the tabs in the event editor window’s parameter sheet tab bar left or right, in order to change their ordering within a particular event.

Parameters in the transport bar cannot be re-organized directly, but parameters with sheets in the event are automatically ordered to match the order of those parameter sheets, and parameters without sheets are ordered alphabetically.

This line makes me suspect that you’re trying to organize preset parameters in the “Browse” submenu of one of Studio’s menus. As you’ve observed, these submenus allow you to select parameters to use in your project, but are not well-equipped for organizing your parameters. If I’m right, you should use the presets browser window instead.

I’ll add a task to make the in-menu browsers less frustrating to our feature/improvement tracker.

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Yes, that’s the thing, you select add parameter sheet from the event browser and there you can browse parameters, create new parameters, new folders and sort them into the folders, selecting them automatically in the progress but there is nothing that links that window to the “preset window” which is named completely differently. A link to open that window would be great and probably very simple as a new button besides the “new folder” button in that browse submenu

Our internal discussion came to a similar conclusion.

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