Parameters of an event are out of step in Unity

i created an event in FMOD with different parameters (e.g. drums, guitar, voice etc.). All parameters are looped and they are always in time if they are played.

Now i can play the event in Unity while i can activate and deactivate the single parameters of this event. But the event doesnt sound like in FMOD, the single parameters are out of step.

My event contains 9 different parameters and I tried to work with a StudioEventEmitter and with an EventInstance, but the results are equal. Its possible to activate and deactivate the parameters, but they are always out of step.

Used Components in Inspector

script to activate the single parameters of an eventInstance

I hope you can help me!


There can be a few factors with an issue like this.

  • Load sample data for either the event or bank before it is needed, this will reduce the amount of loading required as the event plays.
  • Use non-streaming assets. It is difficult to guarantee that all streams play in sync since it depends on external hardware.

You could also attach the Studio Profiler to see if there is something else going on like CPU/memory spikes, etc.