Paste Properties To Many Events


Let’s say I use one reverb in my game.

I want to set up my send level based on distance on “eventA” and once I’m good with my setting, copy paste those the reverb send of “eventB”, “eventC”, “eventD” and so on.

I tried two copy my properties and then to select “eventB/C/D/…”, then paste, and it works.

But it only works if all of the fx chain of my selected events are strictly the same. How could I copy my send properties(including my distance based automation) to a selection of events that don’t have exactly the same fx chain ?


Have you tried using preset effects? They allow you to define a set of properties for an effect (including automation) and then re-use that effect with those properties in multiple different parts of you project. You can read about preset effects in our documentation.

I was not aware of this feature. Looks really cool but maybe am I missing something ? I tried creating a fx chain with my send with the automation curve but I still can’t paste my fx chain to multiple events at the same time. Plus, I don’t know if this is a recurrent or already reported bug, but when I try to select multiple sends in one fx chain (from the event master track or the preset browser) fmod crashes.

EDIT : Okay I didn’t take into consideration the fact that you can edit your curves for all of the events having the fx chain paste on it. It is actually much better that what we’re doing right now. But still, would be great to be able to copy paste on multiple event at the same time.


What version of FMOD studio are you using when experiencing this crash?

Good to hear effects presents are working for you, I will suggest the feature to our development team to look into further.

I’m using 2.02.04

Would be great, thank you !

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