N00b workflow queries... (basic copy/paste stuff)

Hello! =)
This is hopefully an easy one to answer- though my attempts so far haven’t been very successful. I’m wondering if there is a way to copy & paste events & elements from one session to another. I want to do some testing, independent from the Perforce-linked fmod session that’s being implemented in the game. I’m not sure what direction I want to take the music yet, and I’m not entirely up to speed with how to play with many of the adaptive/interactive options… but I don’t want to be doing this in a file shared by my team… and if I happen to create something amazing, I also don’t want to have to try and re-create it from scratch in a separate session. Is there a way to copy and paste in the manner I’m hinting at here?
Thank you!

Also- I’m noticing some weird, almost-gonna-crash-but-not-quite behaviour with fmod that seems to disagree with all of my computers (Win10) if I do anything significant with the audio bin. Just dropping even a single new wave file into the bin causes my whole system (on each machine I’ve worked on) to seize up, the program goes “not responding”… blue wheel of death… then it recovers. Is that meant to happen?

=) :blue_heart: Andrew

As long as the versions of the two projects are the same (eg. you have 1.10 in Perforce and open a new local 1.10 project) then you can copy and paste entire events or parts of them between the two no problem. Be aware that if you copy an event over to a new project it will generate a new GUID, so if you make changes and copy it back over to your original project it will have a new GUID even if you name the event the same to overwrite the old one. This can affect game code if you are referencing events by GUID instead of by name. So it would be better to copy across the contents of an event (eg. multi select tracks) to avoid this issue.

In regards to the audio bin issue, can you confirm this is happening in the latest version of FMOD Studio (1.10.11)? There have been some fixes regarding Perforce performance in recent versions.