Perforce issues, corrupted project

After a check-in by a sound designer, the project has been corrupted:

Unable to locate object (Event) with ID {cb6cb81c-c7f5-4220-a6b6-a3189b376288}.

Could not resolve the following references:


And then the project won’t load.

Searching through the project folder to see what references this, it was a .input created that had no name. I searched for the guid that the .input referenced and there were no references to it, so I deleted it so the project could load again.

I’m not sure how this got added. There were some other .input files in his CL with no name and I searched for references to them and they appear to be sub-events. Perhaps he created and deleted a sub-event and the .input stuck around in the CL?


mixer input files with no name (e.g. {06e28a7c-6168-4942-8acf-8cc980f7b2f6}.input) are mixer input for the event sound used in a event. Wondering if the check-in was done via Studio’s build in submit dialog or was it done via an external perforce client?

Thuan | Programmer

It was done with the P4v client outside Studio. N44b error, sorry. :slight_smile:

BTW, one nice-to-have feature would be that you could revert changes to individual events. Currently it’s only possible to revert the whole project. Or can individual event files actually be reverted in the P4v client without errors?

Not a problem. It’s just that Studio project is split into several xml files and checking in work done via Studio is the preferred way to ensure all required files are checked in.

There is no way to revert a single event in the Event browser yet (but this is on our todo list). However, you can revert a single event using the commit dialog. You can bring up the commit dialog via the “File->Source Control->Sync Merge and Commit…” or the context menu of the Event Browser. In the dialog is a browser which you can right click on a event and select “Revert” in the context menu.

Hope that helps.

Thuan | Programmer