Perforce integration possibilites for several sound designers in one project

We have 5 people in our sound team so:
Is it possible to checkout events in one project? Or maybe it is possible to merge projects?
Also is there any documentation on organizing workflow between Perforce and Fmod Studio?

In designer we just had several projects, with it’s own banks, and it were not a trouble for us to just check out project we needed. And designer could copy any element betwen projects, but studio as we found do not allowing us to copy even certain settings or event.


FMOD Studio features full perforce integration; In fact, this was one of our major design goals for FMOD Studio.

You can set a project to use an existing perforce server in the ‘Source Control’ tab of the ‘Preferences…’ window, and open an existing project on your perforce server by selecting ‘Source Control > Browse for Project…’ menu item in the ‘File’ menu.

We recommend having only a single project; FMOD Studio automatically checks in and out only the specific events (or other project files) that are edited in any given session. (Merging FMOD Studio projects is technically possible, but there are a number of limitations to doing so, and revision control is superior in every way.)

More information on using revision control with FMOD Studio can be found in the FMOD Studio Manual. If you have any specific concerns, questions or comments, please contact us with them.


In manual it just a few words about perforce.

Also, what about building of banks, if several people are editing one project and events that are using the same bank?

Our built-in perforce integration deliberately does not automatically check in built banks; They must be built locally (or checked in manually, if you prefer). Naturally, such banks are built using events found locally; We therefore recommend that you get the latest version of all events prior to each build by selecting ‘Source Control > Sync Latest & Merge Project…’ from the ‘File’ menu.

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We are currently working on improving our manual. I will make a note to expand the information it provides about revision control. In the mean time, do you have any specific perforce-related problem or question which we could help you with?

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Thanks. At this time we have no problems, because our coders are yet digging API =)

Also, could you please tell me when new manual is going to be released?

Any movement on that manual update? More detail on setting up Perforce integration would help.

@BenjaminLodge The new version of the FMOD Studio manual that I mentioned above was released on the Nineteenth of September, 2017, and we’ve been continually updating and expanding it ever since. It’s here:
Unfortunately, there is a lot of content that we want to add, so it’s going to take us a while to add all of it. As a result, it doesn’t contain much information on revision control yet. If you’re having trouble with revision control, please contact us at, and we’ll answer any questions you might have.

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