Play sound on megaphones in unity

Hi guys,
I’m new to fmod and Unity. Would like to know how to set 3D sound at random located e.g. 3 megaphones and then when the alarm is triggered to play an alarm sound? I have tried to read up on attributes3D though don’t get it. Any help will be appreciated.

Once you have the (X, Y, Z) values in the Attributes3D object you would call EventInstance.Set3DAttributes

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Thanks Nicholas Wilcox, this is kind of the solution I went with which worked. The only problem is that when the level restarted the alarm were playing in the background. Any ideas what I need to do.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using FMOD.Studio;

public class TurnAlarmOn : MonoBehaviour
private AlarmLight alarm;
private PlayerHealth PlayerHealth;

//--define the event instance for the alarm sound
private EventInstance alarmRingEv;

//--define playback state for the alarm sound
private PLAYBACK_STATE playBack_stateAlarm;

//--define 3D attributes for 3D sound  to emit
private ATTRIBUTES_3D soundEmit;

//--define transform objects which this script will be attached to
public Transform sirenObj;

void Start()
	//--setup the reference to the alarm light.
	alarm = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag(Tags.alarm).GetComponent<AlarmLight>();

	//--obtain Vector3 coordinates for the megaphones located around the Stealth scene
	soundEmit.position.x = sirenObj.transform.position.x;
	soundEmit.position.y = sirenObj.transform.position.y;
	soundEmit.position.z = sirenObj.transform.position.z;

	//--lookup for the alarm sound file
	alarmRingEv = FMOD_StudioSystem.instance.GetEvent("event:/alarmSound");

	//--emit the alarm sound as 3D

	//--condition to stop the alarm if it is playing
	if(playBack_stateAlarm == PLAYBACK_STATE.STOPPED)
		Debug.Log ("Stop alarm");

void Update()
	alarmRingEv.getPlaybackState(out playBack_stateAlarm);

	//--condition to start the alarm if its not playing, if its has not stopped
	if(alarm.alarmOn && playBack_stateAlarm != PLAYBACK_STATE.PLAYING)
		Debug.Log ("Start alarm");
	else if(!alarm.alarmOn && playBack_stateAlarm != PLAYBACK_STATE.STOPPED)
		Debug.Log ("Stop alarm");


GetEvent is returning you a new instance that is different to the one that was playing previously. I would recommend using the the Unity OnDisable or OnDestroy functions to stop the audio.