Feature request: "Avoid repeating last X Played" and "Max instances per game object"

I’m surprised that FMOD does not have 2 common features that are in Wwise.

  1. MultiSound randomistation: in FMOD we do not have “Avoid repeating last X played”
  2. Max Instances: in FMOD we can not choose max instances per game object or globally.

Is it possible to add these features to FMOD Studio? Thanks!

We do have features like the ones you describe, but they can be easy to miss.

Playlists in FMOD Studio use what we call ‘shuffle no repeat’ behaviour. This is imilar to the ‘shuffle’ behaviour of certain music players in that the entries in the playlist are played in a random order, and then a new random order is selected once each playlist entry has played once. In addition, some special casing ensures that no playlist entry can be played twice in a row, which is to say, if the last playlist entry to be played in one random playlist ordering is playlist entry A, the first item of the next-generated playlist ordering cannot be playlist entry A. (Exceptions do exist; A playlist with fewer than three entries, or with play percentages, will behave differently.) Those two features automatically prevent particular playlist entries from being played too often in a short period of time, and absolutely prevent a single playlist entry being played repeatedly. Does that sound like what you want?

As for Max Instances… You can set the polyphony limit of a sound module in its trigger behaviour drawer, the Max Instances of an event in its macro controls, and the Max Instances of any bus in the deck by selecting the bus in the mixer window. You can set any or all of these to a variety of values. I suspect your “game objects” are what we would call “events,” and your “global” would be our “master bus,” so you should definitely be able to limit instances on the scales you describe. Or was there some other scale of instance limited you’re trying to achieve?

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I’m affraid not.

Shuffle mode prevents from playing sound twice in a row only. In some cases it’s essential for me to avoid repeating, for example, last 15 played.

Max instances: thanks, I need to check it.

There is one option that we don’t usually recommend, but which might suit your purposes. If you click on the Randomize Playlist toggle button, you can set the playlist to ‘global sequential’ behaviour. This results in the playlist selecting its entries in the order they’re shown. In addition, because the selection is tracked globally across all instances, this means that if you have multiple instances of the instrument playing (for example, in different event instances), each of them will select different playlist entries. Does that help?

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