Plugin in c++ - load a given set of audio files, loop it and modify it with FMOD DSP effects

Hi everyone,
for my university thesis, I’m trying to script a plugin in c++ with FMOD API CORE that generates a specific type of sound starting from a predefined set of audio files (something like AudioWind).
I was hoping to bundle the audio files with the plugin, load it in FMOD and loop it, while giving the user the ability to modify them in real time through the GUI (knobs should modify parameters in already implemented FMOD DSP effects that affects the loop).
I know how to load any audio file as data with a data parameter, but I’m not sure how to give the user a set amount of audio files to choose from. More importantly, I’m currently not sure how to access the audio files once they are loaded, as I can’t seem to access the corresponding System object and use it for the functions createSound and playSound. I tried to create my System object, but if i try to use it in a class method or in a function, the plugin is no longer seen by FMOD Studio.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find the answer in the examples or the documentation. Any idea of where I’m going wrong?

Thanks for you help


You may be misunderstanding the interaction between an FMOD System and an FMOD DSP, so to clarify: are you trying to create a custom DSP using FMOD’s DSP/Plugin API, which you will then insert into FMOD’s DSP chain, or are you trying to use an FMOD system in your plugin to generate an audio output?

You say that you’re loading audio files with the data parameter, but that you’re also trying to access the System object to play sounds - an FMOD DSP/Plugin is placed in an FMOD System’s internal DSP chain which it uses to generates an audio signal. Playing a sound with an FMOD System, in effect, creates a number of DSPs in the System’s DSP chain to handle sound playback.