Create a DSP that loads data like multiinstrument playlist

Hi, I need to load multiple data assets in my plugin to work with them (like the multiinstrument on FMOD), and I have two questions:

PLUGIN: How can I get a set of .wavs to store in my plugin before it starts reading. I’m trying with the “GetParamDataCallback” function but I don’t know how to parse them individualy. How can I get them?

INTERFACE: How can I drop multiple audio files to a plugin interface on FMOD? Like the multiinstrument playlist. I supose I have to use “dataDrop” type on the .javascript to define a data container, but I don’t know how to deal with multiple sounds.

Thanks in advance

Now I’m using studio.ui.dataDropMode to get this:

But I need more than one sound, so I need something like this:


Someone can help? Thanks

Currently we don’t support having playlists like in multi/scatterer instruments for custom plugins.

Instead what you can do is bundle all the audio files into an archive (possibly uncompressed such as a .tar file or using FSBank) and load that single file. You can then have logic within the DSP to parse this data how you need.

Yes, I supposed that, so it could be great to have this feature in a future. Thanks