Plugin Multiple Callbacks on Create, Release, and SetDataParameter

Hi, I’m developing a plugin and I don’t know why when I load one instance on studio, I debug my code and it calls create, setDataParameter and release multiple times (about 10), and this crashes my flow.

I made a blank project, using only 1 event, with 1 track, and instancing my plugin on pre-fader, also setting max-instances of that event to 1 (just for try), but it continues to call create a lot of times.

Can you tell me what’s happening with those callbacks?


I have a similar issue where its not calling the creation callback on creating a user defined DSP with either System::createDSP() or System::createDSPByPlugin() (Core API)… A fix for these issues would be nice.

The worst part is for setDataParameter, because I have a bunch of data reading there, and every time I move another setFloatParameter knob I have on the plugin, the setDataParameter is calling and it tries to load again all the info.

It seems like every change on a parameter affects to all callbacks. Also creation and destruction has problems about it as @Sunkin351 says.

Are you able to share the code you are using? Or a small version that reproduces the issue?

If you are fine with debugging C# code in Visual Studio, I’ll be glad to give you the code I use to reproduce it not calling the creation callback…

It leaves the plugin state uninitialized causing a debug assertion on line 33, or a NullReferenceException on line 47. (Or on line 253, due to the multi-threaded environment setup within FMOD.)

Though to be fair, I just ported the C++ example to C#, so you’d probably get the same problems there.

Edit: I even put a breakpoint in the Creation Callback to make sure it wasn’t being called on DSP creation.