Plugin release callback

Hi, I have a plugin inserted in the master bus of my project right after the fader, for some odd reason the release callback is called on my plugin when I load the mixer window in FMOD Studio, any way I could prevent this behavior? I’d like my plugin to remain as long as the user wants it there, and not be released when the mixer window comes up.


FMOD Studio calls create and release multiple times on your plugin even though the plugin is already loaded on the signal chain. You have to be careful when static variables are present as they may get destroyed by a release call.

yes we’re looking at reducing the opens and close but you have to be wary of

  1. 2 opens might happen in a row followed by 2 closes (this is fixed in the next point release)
  2. multiple FMOD::System objects are instanced in the tool, so be very wary of FMOD_DSP_STATE::systemobject index, if you keep global states, you will need global states per system object probably.