Plugins custom Presets is it possible to load and save?


Please create Studio Plugins to save and load presets and organize.
I want my own presets for the reverb and eq settings. SNapshot for a preset is not a good idea. And if i use reverb and select default presets, then i want t oselect another the Studio did not display the selected preset name or no tick or something to what is the selected!!! Please create something similar in Assign to Bank.

another issue:

if i select an event then i cant go to the mixer panel to see where he is routed! its a bit complicated to find anything. in the mixer panel if i select an event i cant play them! Need to swap window then hit play and … a simple space or enter to play selected event in the mixer view it helps.

thank you
Zizics Fanta Laszlo

Hi Zoltan, thanks for your feedback. You’ll be glad to know that we already have something in the works for Presets so you can look forward to seeing this in a future release.

Regarding the second issue you’ve mentioned, we agree that having more avenues for auditioning events would be useful – this has been added to our tracker. Also keep in mind that in newer versions of the tool, you can right click an event and select to open it in the Mixer (or in an Event Editor), which should make navigating between the two windows a little easier.

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