I would like to make a suggestion. I try to place 3 files one after the other, but the command “Move to…” doesn’t seem to work on very small file (less than 00:00.157 sec), I just can’t edit the decimal. And I can’t even do it manually cause I can’t zoom in more than 00:00.537 wide.

I try to make a horn with a loop in the middle so when I press a button it’s loop until I release and the play the tail. I can’t work small enough in FMOD to place my loop regions directly, so I’ve cut in a external editor to have good loop. My loop are perfect (place one after the other) but I’m struggling to place the file now…

So FMOD is lacking of way to work with very small file, and to be very precise on the placement of the file (due to the “Move To…” that seem to doesn’t work), to have a similar function with the loop regions and finally to be able to zoom in even more, maybe having a snap function to zero crossing would be good to.

This issue was resolved through e-mail. Our investigation revealed a bug in how Studio handles certain OS locale settings; A fix for this issue has been devised and shall be included in future Studio releases.

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If you’re zooming by dragging the edge of the birdseye view’s reticule, it’s important to know that the birdseye view is primarily intended for imprecise and high-level navigation. You can zoom in closer than the birdseye view can manage by holding down the ‘Alt’ key and spinning the mouse wheel, or by using the ‘Ctrl+]’ keyboard shortcut (‘Command-]’ on a Mac).

That being said, you probably do want to use the ‘Move To…’ context menu item to move your trigger region, but I have not been able to reproduce the problem you describe - I have had no trouble moving trigger regions of any length to any location. Is the event you are using particularly long? There is a known issue where rounding errors may cause a slight offset to the positions of trigger regions in very long events, but given the length of the audio files you are using, I doubt that they would apply in this case. Could you describe in more detail the behaviour you expect, and how it differs from the behaviour you have observed?

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Good to know about the Alt + mouse wheel, it’s help, but even though the border of the event is not precise enough to do it by dragging easily.

The ‘Move to…’ function open a dialogue box, with a Start saying exemple 0.254913, End: 0.311673, Duration: 0.05676 (locked). I need my event to start at 0.254918, to be exactly after my first event and have a continuous clip without click. So the problem is that I can’t edit any number said below. I can put the cursor in, but I can’t do backspace nor add number… The only thing that I can do is erase all the number (by underline 0.254913) and press backspace. Then I can enter number, but no decimal is possible. I’ve try the dot, but it’s not acceptable, only the comma is accepted, but whatever the numbers I put in after it (ex: 0,254918), it’s move to exactly 0.

Though, a snap to beginning and end of a event, and a snap to zero crossing (only with timelocked event) would be very useful.

I’m sorry, but I still can’t reproduce this behaviour you’ve described; On every test machine I’ve tried, I have been able to set decimal positions for sound modules without a problem. Are you able to send a copy of your project to We may be able to discover something useful if we examine it first-hand.

This is strange, cause I’ve try on another computer, with new project, uninstall and re install, try with 1.04.04, and nothing work. I’m never able to edit the decimal… I’ve send a e-mail to the support explaining all of this with a sample project (since it doesn’t work either), hope I will find why. Thank you

By the way I’m using version 1.04.05.