Prioritizing background music

In FMOD Studio is there a way to prioritize my background music so that if the number of sounds playing exceeds the max number of channels it won’t interrupt the background music?

In each event’s macro controls is a knob labelled “Priority.” It’s set to “medium” by default; If you set it to “High” or “very high” it will take priority over other events.

If you’re not familiar with the event macro controls, they can be accessed by selecting any event. If you look at the label tab at the top-right corner of the deck, you’ll notice a dark grey area; Click on that area to see the event’s macro controls.

Event priorities weren’t working when I had this issue but it looks like that was a bug that you guys just patched (in fmod studio 1.01.16). I downloaded the latest version and now it’s working great! :smiley: