problem of FMOD_System_playsound

i downloaded FMOD Studio for Unreal Engine 4 (4.13)
1-i didn’t find the flag (fmod_channel_free)
2-the proramm didn’t work
3-in built message i see:
warnig:passing argument 2 of ‘FMOD_Syste_playsound’ makes pointer from integer without a cast (enabled by default)
note:expecter ‘struct FMOD_SOUND 'but argument is of type ‘int’
warning:passing argument 3 of ‘FMOD_System’Playsound’ from incompatible pointer type (enabled by default)
note:expecter 'struct FMOD_CHannelGROUP
’ but argument is of type ‘struct FMOD_SOUND *’
please help me
how i can install fmod ex programmer api

Sounds like you’re trying to use FMOD Ex commands with the FMOD Studio API.

Please check the documentation at if you are not sure about what parameters are passed to playSound.

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