Problem playing one shot

Hello, I’ve been using fmod for a little while now and have successfully setup up my engine models through fmod events and also using the audio motors plugin. My events are working and playing fine(vehicle engines) but for some reason I can’t get a oneshot to play for the life of me anymore. Can anyone think of any reason why a one shot would not play? If i look in the event browser in unity, my sound is there and I can click play on it and hear its audio and the signal comes through fine as far as volume. Also when the game is running, if I were to change the name of the event to something incorrect it would throw an error, however if I leave the correct name then I get no error and the game plays fine which leads me to believe it has found the sound and played it, but I cannot hear anything. I’ve set the position of the sound to play where the vehicle is on the map the same as the vehicle engine, just beside the camera at all times, so distance is not an issue. I’ve looked over the settings on the one shot inside Fmod studio designer and all the volume settings are normal just as the engine event settings are so I dont think it comes down to its volume being too low or something like that. Also I thought maybe the engine might be over powering the one shot so I turned the engine sound off but I still don’t hear the one shot. One more thing to note, it was working fine in the previous legacy unity integration, just on V2 it has stopped working. Obviously I had to do some tweaking of the code when I upgraded integration versions so this is the main chunks of code for what I’m dealing with now in terms of the one shot…
[FMODUnity.EventRef] private string FmodSkid = "event:/Skid"; FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.PlayOneShot (FmodSkid, transform.position);

Interestingly my events are all inside a bank called Vehicles and previously, in the legacy version, I had to specify event:/Vehicles/R1Engine etc

now I just say event:/R1Engine. Same goes for the Skid sound, if I specify the bank I get an error. Thats not a big deal but maybe its a clue as to something thats wrong?

Integration version 1.08.14

Unity version 5.3.5f1

Thanks for any help,

Sorry about the delay, the profiler in Studio, using Live Update should be able to give you some insight as to what is happening.