Problem with setting up FMOD onto unity: missing event and unloading error related to master.strings and master bank

Console errors

With this error it won’t open file explorer upon click and if search there’s two folders called “Events” and “Snapshots”, neither of them open.

How file explorer path looks

Package settings


Which version of FMOD are you using?

Can I see your FMOD Settings under Unity Toolbar -> FMOD -> Edit Settings -> Bank Import and Initialization

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Hi! Tank u for response and attempt to find solution.
It version 2.02.11 FMOD.
So, it first did not give me this, but requested recovery so I click yes.


Console error.

It now changed itself.



Thanks for those images, is the issue persisting? The errors you posted indicate that the banks had not yet been built but I can now see it is gone in this image:

Yes it is still persisting, it says the folder doesn’t exist or smth. “Directory does not exist”

Have you built your banks in FMOD Studio with either F7 or through the File dropdown:

yes I have.

Looking at the Directory here:

It seems you are missing the build folder like so:
Could you check your FMOD preferences under Edit -> Preferences -> Build

As this can change where the build banks are output too.

Once you know where the Build folder is change your Unity FMOD settings to point to this folder as it is currently set to Multiple Platform Build.

Hope this helps!

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Hi! Thank you for attempting to help. The events I created inside the FMOD project are still not visible. Are they supposed to be?

I replaced the build folder to where you said it should be, also moved it away from documents in case the folder has problems. I thought maybe I am supposed to create new events inside unity and name them the same way as the events in the FMOD project so I am trying this now.

I found it! My apologies for confusion!
If anyone else has same problem you need to right click the events in FMOD and “Assign to bank” !

Thank you for sharing the solution!

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