FMOD Studio: Unable to load Master: The specified bank has already been loaded

Hi. After a whole bunch of problems with unity and fmod, I decided to clean the Build/Desktop folder, recreate my master bank, and reinstall the fmod plugin for unity. Now I have this error.

FMOD Studio: Unable to load Master: The specified bank has already been loaded.

I tried to reload the bank several times but it doesn’t change anything. The real problem is that the “already loaded bank” doesn’t contain any events, so it is now impossible to integrate any audio asset.
If somebody has any idea of where to search next, any help is very welcomed.

Edit1 : After doing some coding stuff on a script absolutly not related to the Fmod Bank, I retried to build and reload the bank and this time, it worked. But here is another problem. Now all my events refferences are found by unity in the event brower, but when I try to launch the game, they seem to be missing. here’s my log :

EventNotFoundException: [FMOD] Event not found ‘event path’ (for all my events played on start)

[FMOD] assert : assertion: ‘resource’ failed

[FMOD] EventModelPreloadVisitor::visitWaveformInstrumentModel : WaveformResourceModel (Asset) not found, this could indicate a corresponding asset bank is not currently loaded.

Edit 2 : After some researches, I found that there’s no “Streaming Assets” folder into my Unity project. My Fmod project build path is blank, and my Unity bank import type is set to “Streaming Assets”.
If I try to change the bank import type, I get A warning message asking me if I want to delete the streaming asset bank in the streaming asset folder of my Unity project. But if I try to search for this folder in my explorer, I find nothing

(I tried to display the hidden files/folder but still nothing).

How are you loading your banks? Are you setting Load Banks to “All” in the FMOD Integration Settings or are you using FMOD Studio Bank Loaders or something else? The first issue sounds to me like you had two separate methods of Bank.

You mentioned reinstalling the FMOD plugin, did you first remove the old version or did you reinstall over the top of the old version? I have found that in this situation, completely removing Assets/Plugins/FMOD will get everything back to normal. There may be more steps depending on your version though- which version are you using?

The StreamingAssets folder is generated after a build. Your Build Path in the FMOD Unity Integration Settings should be the path to your FMOD Studio Project .fspro file.