Programmer sound with FMOD_CREATESTREAM flag ends too early

Hello! I have an issue where a specific event ends too early. I’m creating the sounds with FMOD_CREATESTREAM and a pcmreadcallback. The decoding of the sounds is running on a separate thread.

For the most part this is working like I expect it too, but there is one place where a dialog cuts out about halfway through (never in the exact same place). If I don’t use the stream-flag and provie the whole decoded file at once it doesn’t break. The provided length when the sound is created is correct.

I haven’t caught it in any of the Stop-functions in code before it gets to the destroy programmer sound callback. All the data is already decoded and ready to be used at this point as well. I seem to be getting no relevant logs from FMOD either. Could it be something happening internally in FMOD?

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to reproduce your issue - since you’re referring to a specific event, could you provide more info on it, as well as a your pcmreadcallback code?