PS5 Haptics testing

I feel like this is more fmod than PS5 so I am asking it here.

The workplace doesn’t seem to want to use something like parsec or moonlight so I don’t have a full controller driver to utilize remotely.

How would I test haptics in editor for PC? My understanding is that the Input System supports it as the controller has become more public domain than it used to be.
I noticed some posts mention the fmod_controller_output dll, because we can’t use the user id for the port index, but no mention of using it in the context of Unity which autoloads DLLs and I have no handle for it. (Can’t use RuntimeManager.CoreSystem.setOutputByPlugin) is there any way of achieving my task?


It seems I can get the handle by forcibly using CoreSystem.loadPlugin and pass that through to setOutputByPlugin. Will return with results

My result with running this code:

private void Start()
        RuntimeManager.CoreSystem.loadPlugin("Assets/Plugins/FMOD/platforms/win/lib/x86_64/fmod_output_controller.dll", out uint handle);
        Bus vibrationBus = RuntimeManager.GetBus(vibrationBusName);

        if (vibrationBus.isValid())

    private void Update()
        foreach (var pad in Gamepad.all)
            if (buttonPressed)
                vibrationInstance = RuntimeManager.CreateInstance(vibrationEvent);
            buttonPressed = pad.buttonSouth.isPressed;

Doesn’t appear to be working, what are the additional steps required to get fmod_controller_output working?
I would say its possible the vibration data is incorrect but the person working on audio assured me he tested it and got vibrations over in the designer.

Unity 2022.3.10, FMOD 2.02.18, InputSystem 1.7.0

Thanks for reaching out.

There’s nothing as far as I’m aware that should prevent fmod_output_controller.dll from being used to test haptics in Unity, but I’ll do some testing on this on my end shortly and get back to you soon.

After testing, the only issue with the code you’ve provided seems to be that vibrationBus.setPortIndex(0); isn’t needed, as when using fmod_output_controller.dll your controller will use default port index of ulong max. Give removing a that line a shot and let me know whether you’re able to get it working.

Hey Louis, thanks for responding.

Alongside the setPortIndex I also realised the audio person setup 3 channels on the vibration clips, and the default channel has nothing in so I had to additionally set the parameters for those.
Now its working.


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No problem, happy to hear you got it working!