Playing events as vibrations on PS5 in Unity

I´m trying to play vibrations on a DualSense controller on a PS5 in a Unity project.
As the documentation above says, you need to set the port indices, but I haven´t been able to find what they´re supposed be. The FMOD Core API Reference doesn´t have a PS5 platform specific section as the doc mentions. (Perhaps only available for Sony approved developers. In that case how do I go about accessing it? Or are they just supposed to be 0 for first controller etc.?)

I´m trying to call: FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.CoreSystem.attachChannelGroupToPort(FMOD.PORT_TYPE.VIBRATION, 0, group));

It returns ERR_OUTPUT_DRIVERCALL and prints the following error to the log:
[FMOD] AudioOut_AcquireUser : [REDACTED PS FUNCTION] returned 80268010.

This is also printed at startup and might be relevant:
[FMOD] AudioOut_Init : [REDACTED PS FUNCTION] already initialized.

You’ll definitely need to arrange FMOD PS5 access if you want to build for PS5. After you do that, you’ll also get access to the PS5 subforum which is perfect for questions like this. Please email to arrange FMOD PS5 access.

Thank you. I´ll do that.