PS5 significant CPU usage difference

Hi there!

I’ve encountered a wierd issue on PS5 (with no such issues on xbox or pc). It has significantly higher CPU usage than any other platform on the project, and as a result im having some audio buffer stutters on the PS5.

I know its not really comparable to check xbox stats vs ps, yet something tells that problem is wierd and somewhere else.

Also, what I think is wierd as well - the audio stutters while CPU usage is 15%, which shouldn’t ever happen, rigth? It would occur when its using all 100% and needs more - correct me if im wrong. What, I suppose tells me that there is something else taking over the CPU headroom reserved for audio

I’ve already did several optimization passes that caused a significant drop in CPU usage on PC, yet it stays the same on PS5

Does anyone have any ideas, tips, or anything to throw on the topic? Would be great full.

Ps - allready tried changing cores for threads, helped a bit with sudden spikes, but issue didn’t go away.


Just to clarify, are you observing the CPU usage of 15% in FMOD Studio’s Profiler, or in the PS5 Razor Profiler? The FMOD Studio Profiler’s CPU % stat is a little misleading. It doesn’t exactly measure CPU utilization, but is instead an measurement of the time a given thread is taking to execute - for example, in the case of the mixer thread, this is expressed as a percentage of the size of a mixer block. For more info, please see the Reading a Recorded Session section of the Studio docs.

While adjusting thread affinity can be helpful, if you haven’t profiled with the Razor profiler, I would recommend doing so to identify whether/which FMOD threads are getting blocked and what specifically may be causing that, and what thread affinity may be best. Besides thread affinity issues, the other typical cause of stuttering would be overuse of streams, which due to needing to load audio data piecemeal on demand will eat up system resources.