PS5 & XBox Series X behave differently with the same FMOD banks

Hey there everyone,

I’m not sure where this post should go, so please forgive me if I’m in the wrong area.

We’re noticing that, for reasons beyond our understanding, PS5 and XBox Series X are both interpreting a couple of FMOD’s events differently. I can mention 2 specific examples we’re experiencing.

  1. We have a snapshot which, when the player starts a new game from the main menu, gently fades out our Main Menu music before playing the game’s intro cinematic. This works well and as expected on all consoles except for XBox Series X. The snapshot seems to be ignored entirely on XSX.

  2. For a similarly baffling example, reverbs on PS5 are simply not sounding at all.

Has anyone else ever come across issues like these, where there are unexpected differences in console behavior from the same events & banks? We’re looking for a way to troubleshoot or where to even start looking at how to diagnose something like this.

Hoping to hear something encouraging :sweat_smile: Thank you, everyone!

The best way to troubleshoot something like this is to attach the Live Update feature and capture a profiler session. This should show you if the snapshot is being called or not. Also, check the logs of your game engine and see if there are any FMOD errors being thrown.