Quantization options "S"

Hi everyone!

I’m currently trying a few things on a dynamic soundtrack. And trying to achieve some new setups with transitions and horizontal / vertical music, I’m kinda stuck on a new parameter of the quantization system.

I’ve searched the forum thoroughly, checked the documentation, and I cannot find the explaination.

What does the “S” option do ?

I’ve tried a bunch of different setups, with different samples of different durations, multi instruments, sync and asynch… and I do not understand how it is triggered.

Could you clarify that ? :slight_smile:

PS : Since I’m using FMOD I always have this in my head and always forget to tell you…tooltips when hovering button, knobs, markers etc… would be awesome and reduce potentially the amount of QA/Support message on the forum :wink:

Where do you see that S option?

Do you mean the “S” button that appears on the head of an event track that’s been resized smaller than the default size, or a mixer strip in compact mixer strip view mode? If so, it’s short for “Solo,” and causes the track or bus to be solo’d, muting all other tracks and buses that neither route into the solo’d track or bus nor which the solo’d bus is routed into.

Soloing a bus or track is for auditioning purposes only, and has no effect on in-game behavior.

Nope… on the quantization panel.

Call me crazy, on three sessions I had the button (I knew I should have done a screenshot of that with the initial post). Now that I’ve restarted the studio this morning, it is obviously… gone.

In place of the 8, there was a “S” button, with a border wider than the others and a bit offseted from the other buttons.

You may think I’m going crazy, but I wouldn’t waste the time of the support on something like that.
What I can do is, as soon as I see it again, I’ll make a screenshot. I’m so sorry that I did not do it when I posted the message in the first place :frowning:


As far as I am aware, the button you describe is not supposed to exist in FMOD Studio. I suspect its appearing must be a bug - and as such, I will not be able to tell you what it does until I have discovered how to reproduce that bug here.

Ok thank you for the feedback joseph !
I will be sure to screenshot the case when I reproduce it and I’ll update the thread.