Question about "Throttle" when designing car engine: RPM, Load, and ?throttle?

Sorry this is more of a sound design question, but I’m also curious how to execute it in FMOD.

I’ve designed an engine with RPM, onload and offload, but I’ve been told doing throttle is also important.

I’m having difficulty wrapping my head around this. Is throttle how far down the pedal is to the ground?
If so… how does that work if accelerate is a simple holding down of a button?

I can sort of understand how it would work if you were using say, a pedal controller, or an analogue stick to accelerate. But I’m still kind of confused.

Would adding throttle intensity just be adding intensity to the onload sfx?

Some sharing of knowledge on this topic would be much appreciated!


There is no One True Way to simulate an engine in FMOD Studio, and so no one single answer to your question. What do you want your engine simulation to do? What information and inputs do you have to work with? And how much time and effort do you want to expend on this aspect of your game? The answers to these questions differ hugely from game to game.

You know your game’s requirements and limitations better than we do; working out what will and won’t work for your game is something only you can do.

Awesome. Thanks for your help and patience man.