Car engine sound

I’m currently working on a racing indie game that is using the Audi R8 as it’s main car.
I developed the engine sound using loops at first, creating two parameters, RPM and Load, as it’s the “standard” for creating engine sounds using loops but the pitch automation does not give a realistic sound compared to the original sound of an Audi R8.

I tried setting up a system based on a timeline/RPM rather than RPM/Load where the samples would be triggered depending on the speed, but it’s not taking into account how fast or slow the car is accelerating, it just plays the sample until it stops. What if I want the sample to play slower?
Is there a way to create this? The Samples I used I took them from this video

Is there a way to tell FMOD Studio how fast or slow it should play a sample? Something like an “elastic audio” function.

Thank you very much for your time.

Have you tried pitch adjustment? Our autopitch modulator was designed for this.