Question on basic audio to FMOD process

So I’ve finally sat down, got the ideas/game on the go, downloaded FMOD, opened up Reaper, plugged in some VST and found a bunch of sounds I would like to use.

What should I be looking to do?

Is the best way just to record a one hit for example then save it as an audio file? Then look to import it into FMOD and start messing about with it?

Or are there better steps?

There is a reaper/fmod integration, but the workflow benefit is not huge, especially if you’re new to fmod. Simply render audio with reaper and import that audio as an asset in fmod. That will be a good starting point.

The FMOD Reaper integration is a great workflow tool if you have a lot of assets to render but if you are just starting out with FMOD Studio then it might be worth leaving this until you really need it.

Instead you can set Reaper’s output folder for renders to be the Asset folder of the FMOD Studio project and simply render assets to here or any subfolders (Reaper will create subfolders automatically in the render dialog).

issue got solved!!