Recording a mp3 from the FMOD master output for Unity

(Jonas J) #1

Hi everybody,

I’m developing a music creation game. For this I need to save the final “track” and export it to a server, so the player can download it later and listen to it.

So my Question is:
Can you take the master output from FMOD’s mixer and save/ export it to mp3/wav or any other sound format?
Another solution would be to route the FMOD output into Unity’s built-in Audio Mixer, but a previously asked question had a answer that this was not possible at that time. Maybe it is now?

Any suggestions? Thanks for your help!

(Brett Paterson) #2

You can, there is an example in fmod’s low level example folder, that takes the output of FMOD and writes it to an mp3.

Unfortunately the code is a pure mp3 output, meaning it does not go to the speakers, the output of the signal -only- goes to an mp3 file.

You can fix this though if you take the output_mp3 code, and transfer the logic to a custom DSP instead. This way you can ‘capture’ the audio through a custom DSP unit (see the new /examples/custom_dsp example, and write the PCM data to the mp3 encoder like the output_mp3 code does instead.