Referenced/Nested Events Output to Parent Event's routed bus - Possible to change this?

I am trying to have multiple events referenced so that they play in sync, but I want to be able to manipulate differently within snapshots. At the moment, the referenced/nested events output the bus of the parent event.

Is it possible to override their assigned output? Or am I going about this in a oblique way and is their a more direct way to do the same thing?

A referenced event instance is always routed into its parent event instance; there is no way to change this. It is possible to work around it by using sends: Simply place a pre-fader send to a return bus on the master track of the referenced event and set that event’s master track fader to -oo dB. This will ensure that the event does not output anything audible to its parent event, but does output to the return bus.


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However, I recommend this alternative: Instead of using referenced events, load your events’ sample data in advance and trigger them at the same time using your game’s code. Loading the sample data in advance will ensure that the events can all start without delay, and events started at the same time start in sync just as referenced events triggered at the same timeline position are.

I suppose this not possible in Studio?

It is possible in Studio, but will only work if the events do not include streaming content and are uniformly non-trivial. Since the most common reason to start multiple events in sync is game music and most game music is partially or fully streaming, I guessed that it would probably not be a workable solution in your case.

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Just made me realise that I didn’t need to reference each event if I carry out the method you described, putting all elements in a single event and sending to different returns worked great.