Referenced Nested Events not playing through parent's routing group

If the following conditions are met, an event will not play through its parent’s routing group. And in the mixer, no apparent group is receiving the routing, not even the master bus, though the event is audible. Any settings on the routing group, like pitch or max instances, will not be applied to the event.

  1. An event (B) is a nested event under event A
  2. Event C (containing an action sheet) calls event B within a multi instrument.
    This occurs whether event B’s reference is dragged into event C’s multi, or called by a command instrument.

I understand this is might be somewhat atypical to call an event that is nested under another event. But for the project I’m working on it makes more sense, and is more organized, to set up the hierarchy with nested events rather than just referenced events.

For the sake of flexibility, it would be a helpful feature to allow the user to control the routing of nested events, defaulting to the parent’s routing. It would also be nice to be able to nest any event under another, for us organizational obsessive compulsive people. I understand why it’s not been a feature (it doesn’t make sense unless the child event is already referenced in the parent, as well as the potential of parent-child routing issues when nesting an event that has also been referenced elsewhere, hence the issues I’m having). But if you’ve created an even and spent time on it and then want it to be nested later, it’s a pain if you want that event nested now: it’s impossible unless you just recreate the event from within the parent. Maybe if nested events had flexibility in their routing it would be a feature that makes more sense.

With my issue today though, I really only need the referenced nested events to play through their parent’s routing, and not bypass the master bus somehow.

This is combination is supposed to be impossible. I’m not surprised you’re getting buggy behavior.

We don’t support referencing a nested event in events other than its parent event. That it’s possible to do so by dragging the nested event onto a multi instrument in another event is a bug. Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We’ll fix it in an upcoming release of FMOD Studio.

We’ve already started working on this feature! Command instruments are able to spawn instances of the events they reference without those instances being routed into the event instance that spawned them. There are still a number of technical problems we’ve yet to solve (there’s not yet a way to specify the 3D attributes of an event instance spawned by a command instrument independent of the parent event instance, for example, and there’s no way to convert an event instrument into a command instrument), but we’re working on it.