Feature request: Event instruments are able to use either their own mixer routing, OR that of the event they're being referenced from

It seems like if you nest / reference an event, it takes on the routing properties of the event it’s nested within. Sometimes I don’t want this. I know that I can use a command instrument and trigger playback of an event to get around it, but then I lose access to the ability to adjust start offsets, fades, polyphony, pitch, volume and all the other things I can do on an Event Instrument within the timeline editor.

A ‘both worlds’ option would be lovely!

There’s already a task on our feature/improvement tracker to add an option to make a referenced event route into the mixer instead of through its parent event. I’ll add you to the list of people who’ve requested it!

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Amazing! Thanks, joseph!


This would be great!

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve added you to the list of people who’ve requested this feature.

Good request! I’m also interested in such a feature

I’ll add you to the list of interested people now.