Register DSP from C++ in Unreal before Bank Load

I’ve written some custom DSP for FMOD to be used in FMOD Studio. This means when loading those banks in Unreal, the DSP has to be registered before banks are loaded. The only avenue for this with the current integration is to use a precompiled library, but what I’d like to do is include the source for the DSP in the Unreal project so that it can be built for all platforms that way, rather than maintain a separate project, since it may need to be built for some consoles. This means I am unable to register the dsp with FMOD::Studio::System::registerPlugin before banks are loaded, so the banks fail to load when they contain events that use the plugin. What would be the best way to work around this?

The FMOD Unreal Integration will always load the Master Bank and the Master Strings Bank, although you can disable loading of other banks in the Plugin Settings: This will allow you to load your plugin and then the banks manually.

Thanks, this works for me.

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