Fmod Studio & UE4 - FmodAmbientSound Actor Not Auto Activating

I’m dragging an Fmod Event into the world (E.G. for a 3D ambient sound) and thus creating an FmodAmbientSound Actor… The problem is that it doesn’t auto activate when loading in the appropriate banks via a blueprint.

I’m reasoning it must be something to do with the banks and the way they are loaded. I have turned off the ‘Load All Banks’ option in the UE4 project settings, as I don’t want to load in all of the banks, all of the time. I am loading in the required bank via a blueprint. If I turn on the ‘Load All Banks’ feature, the various sounds auto activate fine, but if I switch it off and load the bank via a level blueprint, they don’t.

I’m correcting in thinking you don’t need to manually load the Master Bank, right?

Any ideas?

Hi Chris,

The Master Bank and the Master Bank.strings bank files must always be loaded. It would be best to always load in the Master Banks when loading your level banks at the same time.

The Master Bank contains the mixer, which contains the master bus. Without the master bus, the events won’t route out correctly and won’t produce output. The Master Bank strings file contains the event and bus paths for you to load - it necessary to load the strings bank if you are referencing events and buses by their GUIDs but it is necessary if you are referencing them by their paths.