Release date?

Hi Fmod Guys!

First, sorry for my bad English, I’m a French (frog :slight_smile: ) game composer.

I’ll be releasing an interactive music demo reel soon and I wanted to do it Designer 2010. But hearing about Fmod Studio, I decided to wait the release of it. I’m so impatient, do you guys have a precise release date to communicate? It would be very kind because this will help me to plan my calendar a little better :slight_smile:

Anyways, you do an amazing job! I just can stand this software to come out! :slight_smile:



We’re just about to upgrade to the latest version of Designer but will gladly hold off if the release of Studio is still imminent. Can anyone confirm if it’s still set to meet the Q2 target? Any hints at an actual date yet? :slight_smile:


we’re going to say ‘beta’ in a few months, so it may be a little bit early to wait/switch and then a few months after that to really go ‘final’.

Ok! Thanks for your answer.

Good work :slight_smile:

Ah, so “Coming Q2 2012” is quite false…

we released an alpha already, but yes it looks more like Q3 now.

Whatever it takes to make the best product! :slight_smile:

As an update to this, we’re going to aim to do a release in June. It will be FMOD Designer compatible with Mixer, pro effects, new multitrack editor, perforce support and control surface support (plus other stuff like effect decks, metering, global parameters, modulators and more). We’ll then be doing quarterly releases to add major features like the profiler, snapshots, new music system and others. Q2 release date is still on!

Hi, looking forward to playing with FMOD Studio!

You mentioned a “new music system” would be added on after the Q2 release; can you say what kind of functionality that will offer? I’m looking to build a very dynamic (and player-driven) music system for my new game, and I’m wondering what this system will offer vs. what I could build with the standard functionality. We’re looking to integrate music in the next couple of months so it’s kind of time sensitive.


Hi Mike,

Essentially the music system will sit on top of the multi-track editor. So you’ll be able to use all the features of the multi-track editor plus features made for music - such as markers, conditional jumps, tempo track etc.

These features are specifically for dynamic sequencing and conditional behavior. This will be on top of the dynamic mixing features (bringing track volumes in and out based on game parameters) that the multi-track editor currently has.

Hope this gives you an idea for what’s in store.

Hey there,
Tomorrow marks the end of Q2, so is there any updates about release date?

we’re entering code lockdown this friday, and then doing a 2 week testing/optimization phase. This means it will be public on the download page Aug 24.

Hi, Brett!
Are there any updates on FMOD Studio release date?

We almost released last Friday but we want to pin down the last issues to do with performance in the runtime, clean up some GUI issues and get the manual into a better state, so we’re aiming for releasing it this week.

For anyone who is watching this thread, the first version has just been released: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=14974