2.00 out of early access ETA

Hi, I know this is the worst question possible,
but I’d like to know if it’s possible to give at least some ballpark estimate e.g. in months - if possible at all .)

we’d like to support new 2.00 version, but I’m not sure if any fixes which are planned - as caught e.g. here Selecting ASIO instantly crashes FMOD - end up only in 2.00, or a new 1.10.xx is planned yet still
If it’s the latter we’d like to make updates for 1.10.xx now - otherwise wait until 2.00 is out of early access.
(esp. since e.g. few (namely two I think) type names changed in 2.00 in C# wrapper - which is easily fixable - and everything else seems to be working - but if it can be avoided…)

Hope the question makes sense
Thanks !

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Normally the answer to this type of question would be along the lines of “when we feel like it is stable/ready”.

2.00 seems to be close to that point already and we are currently expecting it to come out of early access within the next couple of releases/months.

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That’s perfectly understandable
Thank you ! :smile: